I came to Live Free with a foot that was extremely painful to walk on for 8 months. My doctor recommended rest and ibuprofen, which I did faithfully for those 8 months. My doctor then prescribed PT and I came to Live Free and immediately knew I was in professional hands. My treatment progressed, steadily increasing my strength and lessening my pain.
In addition to the terrific physical therapy, I found a great staff, who were easy to talk to. The warm atmosphere made the therapy something to look forward to! The staff worked together very smoothly to make each treatment a success. I am very grateful that I landed here. Thanks to all you have done!

Sarah C.
I came to Live Free because, for years, I had been experiencing headaches, shoulder pain and neck pain. It was something I thought I had to live with. “Not so”, the therapists told me! And they were right.
I am extremely satisfied with the results. Each therapist that worked with me were very caring and helpful. They would suggest different things to do at home that would ease my pain. They really enjoy helping people and it shows.
Thank you Live Free! I promise to do my exercises at home.

Lisa D.
I came to Live Free with severe back pain. It was the beginning of the lacrosse season and I wanted to be back playing as quickly as possible. After as little as two sessions, I was progressively getting better. After two and a half weeks of therapy, my pain in my back was completely gone. I made it back for the first lacrosse game of the season and I scored a hat trick! Thank you!

Richard P.
This was the first time I had to have physical therapy and I am glad I decided to come to Live Free. The staff is very knowledgeable. All questions were answered and every procedure was fully explained to me.
I was in a lot of pain when I hobbled in the door and 3 months later I am doing great. Having back pain is the worst. They say “things happen for a reason”. I had back pain and I met a great group of caring people!
I would recommend your office to anyone in need. Thank you for working with me and making physical therapy a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Nancy R.
When I first came to LFPT I was unable to bend my left knee to a right degree angle. My left knee was painful to walk and go up stairs for the past few years. I was taking pain medications regularly.
Now, I am able to go up and down stairs without difficulty. I am not taking pain medications for my knee. I am extremely happy with the results and cannot say enough about the great service and pleasant staff. They are the greatest. I would highly recommend Live Free to everyone.
Dorothy G.
I came to Live Free Physical Therapy after having suffered a severe hip dislocation while skiing. LFPT put me on a program to regain flexibility, strength, and range of motion. Throughout the course of treatments, every staff member I worked with demonstrated exceptional care and concern, listening to my personal goals for recovery. They were especially careful to explain my injury and how the various elements of the program worked together to accomplish a complete rehab.
I’m happy to report that the treatment I received at Live Free was so successful I was able to return to normal activities, including skiing 7 weeks after my injury.
A heartfelt thanks to the Live Free PT staff.
Dave D.
Live Free Physical Therapy – A Poem
Thanks for all your work
Just to help my replaced shoulder.
Live Free Physical Therapy
Have helped me feel all that bolder.

The stick to lift my arm,
The wall to crawl upon
Chris’s wit and smiling charm.

Yes, thanks for the memories
The rubber bands you made me stretch,
The rubber ball to lean against,
The many weights I had to fetch.

Yes, those were the days
I looked forward to?
The heat, the ice the weights
You worked to push me through.

You guided me to recovery,
And through it all you lent a hand.
“Lift the weight, punch the wall, crawl up the wall”,
You said, “And pull that rubber band.”

Yes, LFPT did help a lot.
They had me hold my hands aloft
Whilst my shoulder complained a lot.
But, at me, they never scoffed.

OH YES! At each session’s end was
The arm wrestling with a chuckle,
Pushing my arm where it wouldn’t go.
“Breathe hard”, Chris said, so I wouldn’t buckle.

But in the end it was worthwhile.
The exercises made me bolder.
Fourteen time, back I cam
An left with a cold shoulder.

Loved the experience.
Glad its over
Wish you well
With a four leaf clover.

Val P.